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No matter the industry, we've got you covered.

Yeah, we've got a drone for that.  No matter the industry, we've got you covered - precision agriculture, professional cinematography, building inspection, land survey, energy, utility & power, public service, fire/security and more. Your one stop shop for all your enterprise, professional, and consumer drone and aerial equipment purchases. Rentals, Training & Services are also available.

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  • Ocean Alpha Dolphin 1 Remote Controlled Lifebuoy
    Dolphin1 can propel itself to rescue a casualty, faster than any skilled swimmer, while the rescuer can operate it with a remote controller to stay safe and dry.

  • Ergonomic Remote Design

    Easy to use and learn in seconds.

    Highly Visible Warning Light

    Integrate warning lights support rescue operations in all-weather condition.

    100% More Buoyancy

    Provides 100% more Lifesaving capacity compared to same size standard lifebuoys.

    Tangle and Injury Free

    Special design prevents secondary injury

    High-Speed Water-Jet Propulsion

    Victims can be reached faster even in swift water or adverse weather conditions.

    • Weight - 13kg/28.6lbs
    • Propulsion - water-jet thruster
    • Battery Life - 30 minutes
    • Buoyancy - 32kg/70.5lbs
    • Floatability - 200kg/441lbs
    • Max Speed - 12km/7.8mph
    • Control Range - 500m/1640ft
  • Chasing M2 Pro Max ROV
    Chasing M2 PRO MAX - Industrial-Grade Underwater ROV, Easy & Powerful

    The CHASING M2 PRO MAX is an industrial-grade underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV) designed for government and enterprise users....

  • It adopts new generation of accessories mounting method, quick assembly and disassembly technology, shore-based power supply system and external floodlights to provide easier-to use, more professional, and more reliable underwater solutions for various industrial applications.

    Five Ports integrate simplifies installation of multiple accessories.

    The Docking station is integrated into the ROV, simplifying the installation of multiple accessories.  The new layout of the five reserved ports supports up to five accessories at a time.

    CHASING Shore-Base Power Supply system (C-SPSS) Enables 24/7 Missions

    The output power is increased to 1500w, ensuring that the ROV can work 24/7 at full power without an outage.  The C-SPSS adopts a battery compartment design, which can achieve an easier installation.  

    Easy and Convenient Assembly and Disassembly

    The Quick Accessory Assembly an Disassembly Technology allows you to install the accessories on the ROV by combining the slide-in mounting platform and the ROV support rod.  The process is convenient and reduces assembly and disassembly time and effort.

    Chasing C-Motor 2.0 Enhances Power and Reliability

    8 thruster vector layout, using new materials, new technology, fluid design and power increased by 30%.  The anti-stuck performance is improved, making the ROV easier to clear and more reliable.

    External Floodlights Illuminate Every Detail

    Two external floodlights can provide a sum of 8000 lumens' illumination and achieve the best beam angle at 150 degrees, which can resolved the visual interference caused by reflection of floating debris.  This feature also allows stepless adjustment of brightness in the range of 0-100%, allowing the ROV to illuminate each detail in the underwater environment as needed.  The floodlights can work folded or unfolded underwater, meeting various needs for complicated underwater application scenarios.

    200m Depth Rating for a broad operating range

    M2 PRO MAX can dive up to 200m (656ft) with a maximum horizontal radius of 400m (1312ft).  Combining with different lengths of tether cables, it can work in a broader range and meet more needs of underwater applications.

    4K+EIS Image Stabilization, F1.8 Aperture

    M2 PRO MAX suppoerts 4K video resolution and 12-megapixel photos.  It is equipped with a 1/2.3 SONY CMOS and EIS anti-video-shake feature, allowing you to capture every underwater detail.

  • Autel Evo MAX 4T Bunble
    A Leader of Drone Intelligence
    The EVO Max 4T brings powerful technologies and advanced autonomy to users. EVO Max 4T assesses complex environments to create real-time 3D flight paths for unparalleled obstacle avoidance....

  • Advanced sensors make flight in GPS unavailable areas possible and the incredible new thermal payload unlocks new object identification and tracking scenarios. With a foldable, weather-resistant design, the EVO Max 4T is as portable as it is capable.

    Autonomous Path Finding
    Autel's Autonomy Engine collects surrounding environmental data and plans 3D flight paths through complex environments such as mountains, forests, and buildings. Use cases include rapid 3D scene reconstruction, public safety overwatch, industrial inspection, and land surveying.

    Navigation in GPS Denied Environment
    Advanced sensors allow the EVO Max 4T to navigate within hardened structures, underground, or in environments without GPS.

    Accurate Object Identification and Tracking
    Based on Autel's AI recognition technology, the EVO Max 4T can automatically identify and lock onto different types of targets such as heat sources, moving people, or vehicles and achieve high-altitude tracking and data collection for law enforcement.

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