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SED Inc. &  Rescom Sales Inc. are market leaders in Safety Communications Systems and Solutions providers of intrinsically-safe hardline & wireless communication products.  Our products meet all required certifications and are designed to meet the safety communication needs of professionals working or training in fire & rescue, emergency services, confined space & high-angle rescue scenarios.

Brands: Rescom® Elite™ - Intrinsically Safe Rescue Communication system, HALO™ - Intrinsically Safe VOX/PTT and Headsets, Industrial Bluetooth Headset, Communication Rope, Vcom™ - Vehicle Communications Hub


  • Rescom® Elite™ - Rescue Communication System
    Rescom® Elite™ is an instantly deployable, Intrinsically Safe, hardline communication system designed to provide clear, effective, and continuous communication for a confined space or a high-angle rescue scenario.

  • What sets the Rescom® Elite™ Communication System apart from other hardline systems on the market?

    Our 10,000+ lb. tensile strength NFPA-rated Combined Safety/Communication Rope™ contains built-in wiring, simplifying line management and thus, reducing the chance of User entanglement while working. 

    It has been tested to provide communication up to the point of rope failure at over 10,000+ lb. load. This rope is ideal for Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel or Fire Fighters.  SED’s Combined Safety/Communication Rope™ or Extension Cords provide clear, reliable communication for up to 4.8 km (3 miles) per Headset.  Connectors and ropes can also be submerged in water up to 10m (35’). 

    DuraCORE™ Cable with a SEDFLEX™ jacket which makes the cables more rugged than average communication cables in the market.

    What Is Rescom® Elite™?

    With a new & sleek plastic housing and a no-nonsense design, Rescom® Elite™ New Generation Rescue Communication System is manufactured by SED to replace the legendary Rescom® Modular™.  These systems typically consist of:

    • A Master Interface (DMI) with a Headset for the Attendant
    • Two or more Slave Interface units (DSI) with Headsets for Entrants
    • Combined Safety/Communication Ropes™ and/or DuraCORE™ Cables
    • A Junction Box

    The belt-mounted Master Interface (DMI) provides centralized power for all other Interface Units (DSI). The entire system operates on low voltage and can be powered by 3 AA batteries, which are housed in the DMI unit.  The Combined Safety/Communication Rope™ is a unique SED design and is used as a primary or secondary lifeline in rescue scenarios, setting the standard for communication lifelines for over 37 years.

    How to choose the appropriate Kit and accessories?

    You can either choose a pre-packaged kit or select specific equipment to personalize your kit.  The kits are expandable up to 10-Man, but 5-Man and 7-Man Kits have been the most popular choice by rescuers.

    Each kit consists of the following:

    • Headsets
    • A Master Interface (DMI)
    • Slave Interface(s) (DSI)
    • Combined Safety/Communication Rope(s)™ and/or DuraCORE™ Communication Cable(s)
    • Rope Bags
    • Equipment Case and a Junction Box (available with 2-8 connectors, as per User requirement)
  • Halo® Pro - Intrinsically Safe VOX/PTT & Headsets
    Halo® Pro Series is a set of Intrinsically Safe products and accessories, designed to add versatility to I.S. Radios. It comprises of UM (VOX/PTT), SRI (PTT only) interface and a wide range of headsets to use in high noise, wet and dirty environments....

  • Halo® Pro Series offers more Intrinsically Safe Radio accessories than any other Radio Communication System in the market.  It allows Users to connect Headsets and Radios using a UM (VOX/PTT) or SRI (PTT only) interface or just connect the headsets with a host radio.  Hazmat, high noise, wet and dirty environments, can finally be handled with confidence using the HALO® Pro Intrinsically Safe series.  The belt or carabiner mount Interfaces are energy efficient and can last several days without recharging.  With a choice of application-specific Headsets and the clearest audio in the business, HALO® Pro Series makes it easy to add versatility to your existing Radio Communication System without compromising intrinsic safety.

    HALO® Pro UM Interface can be fitted to the most popular brands of hand-held Radios, via an adapter cable.  It is available in two variants i.e., with a recessed (UM7) or raised (UM8) PTT button, providing Users more flexibility to use it in various environments.  Using the Halo® Pro UM 7/8 Interface, the User can communicate either in PTT mode or VOX mode.  The jam-proof PTT button makes HALO® Pro UM a perfect choice for use with bulky gloves and tight spaces.  For PTT mode, one can press the large easy to find 1.5” (4cm) button.  For VOX mode, switch the unit to the “ON” position and then one can communicate hands-free.  A switch guard prevents accidental VOX shut-off during operation and the VOX mode LED indicator provides low battery indication.  Radio traffic is monitored at all times, regardless of the mode, so you never miss an emergency announcement.

    The Halo® Pro SRI Interface is an in-line interface for use between a hand-held portable Radio and a Headset.  The Halo® Pro SRI unit requires no power and provides the User with a remote PTT button near his/her chest, allowing the User to operate a portable Radio in difficult-to-reach conditions.  A large 4cm (1.5”), easy-to-locate, jam-proof PTT button makes HALO® Pro SRI a perfect choice for use with bulky gloves and in tight spaces.

    The considered selection of professional microphone & receiver elements in SED® headsets provides best-in-class voice clarity while being used in commercial environments. Unidirectional, noise-cancelling electret boom microphones and the speech-enhancing receiver can greatly highlight voice-over background noises to ensure every word is crystal clear.

  • Vcom™ – Professional Vehicle Communication Hub
    Vcom™ is an affordable all-in-one solution for all your vehicular communication needs. This communication hub is designed to connect to multiple radios in the vehicle and provide users with an option to communicate within the vehicle via intercom....

  • Vcom™ is an affordable all-in-one solution for all your vehicular communication needs.  This communication hub is designed to connect to one or two radios in the vehicle and provide users with an option to communicate within the vehicle via intercom.  Noise Cancelling Mic, Push-To-Talk (PTT) and Noise-Attenuating Earcups along with DSP make it easier to operate in loud noise environments such as zodiac boats, hovercraft, airboats and other marine or coastal applications. The crew and captain are able to have seamless two-way conversations without ever needing to raise their voice.

    Vcom™ is capable of transmitting on 1 of the 2 Radios and monitoring both Radios at the same time.  With the use of the optional remote Radio Select Switch, the primary hub may be located in a convenient location, up to 2.4m (8ft) away from the dash-mounted Radio Select Switch, freeing up valuable dash space.  The Vcom™ dash-mount Radio Select Switch is the smallest in the industry.  

    With its advanced digital signal processing and noise reduction capability, this product is an excellent solution for use in land vehicles or noisy marine applications like hovercrafts, zodiacs, and airboats.  The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) enhances speech frequencies and filters out much of the unwanted background noise which tends to mask critical communication while reducing fatigue associated with listening to continual background noise. The DSP has four presets and users may request one of the four preset DSP ambient noise configurations.

    This Vehicle Communication System supports a variety of Headsets which are available with noise-cancelling and standard microphones, or Push-To-Talk (PTT) and/or Push-To-Mute (PTM) switches.  A combination of Radio Control features can be supplied, as per requirements.  For instance, the driver and jump seat positions could have access to Radio Control, or others can be provided with those controls too.  Those without control will only be able to monitor Radio activity while having Intercom access.  Vcom™ is compatible with most handheld, vehicle and marine radios.

    All Vcom™ Variants 

    Single Radio Variants

    • Vcom™ S100 – One Radio Transmit without Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • Vcom™ S100DSP – One Radio Transmit with Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • Vcom™ S110DSP – One Radio Transmit with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and mic muting

    Double Radio Variants

    • Vcom™ S200 – Two Radio Transmit without Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • Vcom™ S200DSP – Two Radio Transmit with Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
    • Vcom™ S210 DSP -– Two Radio Transmit with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and mic muting

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