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United States
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MRU is a major global player in emission monitoring.

MRU Instruments is proud to offer high-end emission monitoring systems for your needs, including handheld and stationary emission analyzer selections and gas analyzer instruments, to business all over the world for more than 35 years. Our business caters to a wide array of businesses, offering our gas analyzer technology and other instruments to people working in the steel, cement, and glass industry.....


  • NOVAplus
    Portable, multifunction flue gas analyzer...

  • Your first choice for smart gas analysis

    The combination of infrared measurment technology and electrochemical sensors ensures versatility and reliable analysis even for small measuring ranges.

    NOVAplus EMI - portable industrial emission analyzer - with prices that make the competition cry

    Simultaneous analysis of up to 8 exhaust gas components: O2/CO2/CO/NO/NO2/NOx/SO2/CH4/C3H8/H2S

    We offer you these special advantages:

    • Automatic measuring program with data recoding
    • Automatic zeroing for long-term measurments
    • Lithium-ion battery operation
  • OMS 420
    On site - real-time oxygen and COe analysis...

  • OMS 420 provides continuous combustion optimisation at industrial boilers

    • All combustions with combustion temperatures up to max. 3,092°F (1,700 °C)(see different models)
    • The casting aluminium enclosure with electronics, keypad, up -front display of O₂ and COe*
    • Standard DN65 flange with variable probe tube lenghts Ø 2.36“ (60 mm) and with back-purge-/compressed air connector
    • Connecting tube with reference air inlet and small flange,  Ø 3.94“ (100 mm)
    • Rugged industrial plug for power supply and data transfer (analog 4 ... 20 mA, digital RS 485)


    • COe measurment
    • Compressed air back-purge with control valve complete with electronics, incl. adjustable intervals - recommended for high dust sites
    • Automatic calibration for span and offset, using pneumatic unit PU 420
    • Application with high temperatures up to approx.3,092 °F (1,700 °C) with ceramic tube and ejector (model HT )
    • Remote control - and display unit max. 32 foor (10m) (model RT) for applications with high ambient-/radiation temperature > 122 °F (50 °C)
  • DM 9600
    Precision Multifunction Manometer...

  • Five different models coveringranges of ± 3" H2O to 100 PSI

    Main features

    • Intuitive, TOUCH SCREEN graphic color display
    • Accuracy to 0.5 %
    • Dual thermocouple and auxiliary input
    • Bluetooth, USB, IR, and SD card interfaces
    • Temperature compensated pressure sensor
    • Automatic zeroing for long-term stability
    • Simultaneous display of pressure and temperature readings
    • 1000 points and 500 sites data memory
    • USB charging and data download
    • Hands free operation via magnetic back case
    • 20-hour Lithium battery
  • EmissionsPro Software
    Easy and intuitive Emission Monitoring Software...

  • The MRU EmissionPro software installed on your laptop, in combination with the MRU NOVA plus gas analyzer, is an easy to use and intuitive tool that makes frequent engine / turbine / boiler monitoring a simple task. The software is a computerized version of the most common EPA and state protocols i.e. CTM-030, CTM-034, ASTM D6522. Completed tests can be viewed in PDF and Excel format.
  • DM 9600 CHP
    DM 9600 Precision Manometer...


    • Engine inlet pressure
    • Boost pressure
    • Inter-Cooler differential pressure
    • Oil and water pressure
    • Temperature measurement
    • Gas leak detector in the inlet area
  • MGA prime
    High end flue gas emission analyzer for long time measurements of industrial combustions, large boilers, gas engines and turbines, furnaces and many more...

    • Precise and very stable offset measuring technique using special non dispersive infrared (NDIR) technique, for enhanced long time measurements
    • Up to 8 gas NDIR measurement: CO/CO2/C3H8/CH4/SO2/NO/NO2/N2O and oxygen with either long-life O2-ECS or O2-PM (paramagnetic cell)
    • Remote display through MRU4U App over bluetooth on smartphone or tablet or through VCN server via LAN/WLAN
    • 7" high-resolution (800x480 pixel) TFT color display with swipe and touch technique as for smartphones, with LINUX operating system
    • Intuitive icons and country specific language on display
    • Modern and robust design, Aluminium enclosure with rubber molded impact protection for use in harsh industrial environment
    • Advanced algorithms to control analyzer´s operation, like warming up, compensation of cross-sensitivity values, response time - all which have impact on the quality and performance
    • Measurement of many additional parameters: temperatures (ambient and flue gas), pressures (atmospheric and differential), internal sample flow monitoring
    • Measurement of flue gas flow velocity (using if Pitot tube) and calculation of stack gas flow rate
    • Calculation of all combustion parameters like: heat loss, combustion efficiency, excess air coefficient, dew point temperature and others
    • Results stored in database - possibility to view entire measurement session in graphical form, create measurement reports, export data to CSV files, and more
    • PC communication via LAN - Ethernet
    • Wireless data transfer via RS485 cable
    • Analog outputs (8-channels), analog inputs (4-channels)
    • SAMPLE GAS CONDITIONING: Dual gas cooler (Peltier) with dual condensate draining pumps, with constant dew point +5°C when connected to main power supply
    • Condensate monitoring and alarm on display
    • Strong gas sampling pump, regulated flow of approx 1l/min
    • Gas sampling probe heated, with exchangeable probe tubes, including K-type thermo-couple for flue gas temperature measurement
    • Heated sampling line, Teflon 6/4mm, 9.84`or 16.4` or 32.81`(3m - 5m - 10m) and other lengths
  • SWG 100 Biogas analyzer
    Stationary biogas analyzer.
    The unique analyzer for bio-gas, bio-methane, landfill-gas, coal bed methane...

  • SWG 100 - BIOGAS - Instrument main features are:

    • industry compatible rugged design for harsh industrial environment
    • standard system safety included with continuously monitored fan ventilation of cabinet
    • gas flow restrictor orifice at gas inlet
    • efficient sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
    • sampling from low suction up to high pressure gas
    • no dilution of the sample gas, neither use of compressed air is required
    • direct and continuous/discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation and event data logging
    • up to 10 sites monitoring (time sharing technique) with only one analyzer
    • ready to run delivery
  • SWG 100 CEM
    Stationary analyzer for continuous Emission Monitoring.

    The complete, ready to use emission analyzer SWG 100 CEM is the low cost solution to be used with a wide variety of industrial emissions monitoring applications....

    • very compact industrial design, for up to 6 gas simultaneous measurement
    • use low cost but reliable electro-chemical cells for O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2
    • and infrared module (NDIR) for CO2 measurement
    • advanced sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
    • flexible platform can be used for various combustion applications
    • direct and continuous/discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation of all main flue gas parameters
    • external measurements (temperature, pressure, etc.) by reading of ext. standard signal
    • simple installation, ready to run delivery and easy to maintain
    A class of it´s own

    Advantages of the new analyzer generation
    Making a proven concept even better...


    Will be announced at the show

    Stay tuned!!!

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