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Designers/Manufacturers of Water Intake Solutions.

A leading supplier of water intake solutions, more than 125 years of experience as original equipment manufacturer (OEM), more than 30,000 installations worldwide, and reliable, robust equipment. Solutions include: Geiger MultiDisc, Geiger Revolving Chain Screens, Johnson Offshore Intake/Hydroburst Systems and Fish Return Systems.

Brands: Geiger® - Johnson Screens® - Passavant® - Noggerath®


  • Geiger® Bar Screens / Revolving Chain Screens
    Geiger® Bar Screens, esp. our Grab Cleaner are typically installed in water intakes as front-end coarse screening step for bulky debris. The Revolving Chain Screens are suitable for both coarse and fine screening + reliably remove large debris quantities....

  • Geiger Bar Screens with Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners

    are typically installed in water intake systems as front-end bar raking machines/coarse screens for bulky debris. Depending on the technical requirements, we have stationary and traversing versions available.

    In industrial plants and numerous other applications, our very robust and operator-friendly machines are used as the first stage when cleaning industrial, process and cooling water. In power plants they protect turbines and other downstream equipment from damage caused by bulky debris or sediments such as sand, gravel and pebbles. Thanks to their automated cleaning technique, Geiger Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners highly efficiently remove even the most stubborn debris. These machines are not only installed in new civil structures; they can also be easily retrofitted into existing water intake systems. In addition to the stationary machines, the traversing/moving version of our Bar Screen with Cable-Operated Grab Cleaner for multiple channel cleaning can prove to be more economical alternative.


    • Available as stationary or traversing (movable) version
    • Our new innovation-award-winning polyamide cable drums make Geiger Cable-Operated Grab Cleaners very easy to maintain
    • Two independent drive mechanisms and three cables
    • Intelligent cleaning technique
    • Highly reliable grabbing and removal of bulky debris
    • Highly efficient: One grab cleaner for three or more channels
    • Fully automated cleaning operation with slack rope control (for 3-rope device)
    • Exact limitation of the lifting movement
    • The cleaning cycle can be started from any grab cleaner position
    • High loading capacity of the grab cleaner
    • Different speeds for the cleaner carriage during the descent and cleaning cycle

    Geiger High-Capacity Revolving Chain Screens (Multirakes)

    are both suitable for coarse and fine screening and reliably remove large quantities of screenings.

    Due to their various cleaning elements, they can be adapted to complete special tasks such as screening jellyfish, sea grass and fish. Simple and robust construction combined with modern design and manufacturing technologies ensure highest reliability and a long service life despite low maintenance requirements. The Geiger machines made in Germany are available for replacements, new plants and upgrades of plants, including maintenance contracts.


    • Very short cleaning cycle thanks to several rotating screen cleaning elements (multiple rake arms)
    • Robust and solid construction with easily interchangeable parts
    • Specially developed for a high volume of middle/small size debris (burst mode)
    • High cleaning performance thanks to minimized gap between bars and rake teeth
    • No sprocket, shaft and bearings under water
    • Bar spacing of 2 - 100 mm
    • Low maintenance, among others due to easily exchangeable polyamide sprocket teeth

  • Geiger® Fish Protection Technologies/PassiveIntake
    The protection of fish and other aquatic life is a key issue when planning and operating water intake structures from fresh or seawater sources. The protection measures should be based on the EPA CWA Rule 316b and/or EU flora-fauna habitat guidelines....

  • Geiger Fish Protection Technologies
    Geiger Fish Protection Technologies for open intakes are the result of the latest developments in mechanical and electrical engineering combined with decades of experience in screening technology.

    The perfectly harmonized measures ensure the sustainable use of surface water. Extensive test runs at water intake installations and under laboratory conditions prove the efficiency of Geiger Fish Protection Technologies. In recent years, the use of up-to-date sonar techniques has proven the efficiency of electric behavioral barriers. We are the solution provider for complex systems, ensuring the highest possible benefits for open channel water intake systems, for river pumping stations and other measures in water management.

    • EPA Clean Water Act Rule 316b-compliant
    • Optimum protection of fish and other aquatic life
    • Unique, advanced systems offering site-specific solutions
    • Single source for all components ensures compatibility
    • Proven, well-engineered solutions
    • Low maintenance
    • Full technical support for design parameters right from the planning stage
    • Optimum results via computer simulation proven on existing water intake structures
    • Extremely gentle return of fish, other aquatic species and microorganisms

    Johnson Screens Passive Intakes

    With the Johnson Passive Screen, water intakes for smaller projects can be realized directly from the water body - i.e. without a civil structure. The screen is connected underwater to an extraction pipe or pump chamber. The screen surface consists of a special V-shaped metal wire (Vee-Wire®) with typically 2 - 10 mm slot opening. The screen is automatically backflushed in regular intervals by means of compressed air (Hydroburst™ backwash system).

    The following advantages of the JOIS™ system ensure optimal fish protection:

    • The Passive Screen has no moving parts
    • Extremely low and homogeneously distributed slot velocity (maximum 0.15 m/s), i.e. no suction effect
    • No impingement of the surrounding flora and fauna due to water intakes
    • All organisms and particles larger than the intended gap width remain uneffected in the water body

  • Geiger® MultiDisc® Travelling Water Screen
    As direct replacement for traditional thru flow traveling screens with the advantage of no possibility of debris carry-over the Geiger MultiDisc® is an especially robust and compact filtration process/fine screening machine....

  • Efficient fine screening is essential to protect pumps, condenser tubes, heat exchangers and other critical equipment, and is the last cleaning stage in the water intake process. 

    Geiger MultiDisc Traveling Water Screens belong to the family of automatic Filtration Machines/Travelling Band Screens (10mm to 200 µm mesh size). The Geiger MultiDisc® has already been installed in over 200 intake channels worldwide on new and existing (brownfield) installations to successfully replace dual-flow and through-flow band screens; thus protecting condenser tubes and membrane plants against carry-over of debris and providing a better heat-rate.

    The installation as a plug-in is very time and cost saving, as the Geiger MultiDisc® is supplied in a self-supporting frame. Due to its heavy-duty-design, compact channels and less turbulences (only one single and straight passage of the water through the filter), low-maintenance fine screening with an operational life time of 35 years and longer, utilities worldwide embrace this proven technology. 


    • Compact design = significant savings in construction costs
    • Fast and simple plug-in installation
    • Fish protection-compliant solution with zero carry-over (EPA CWA 316b and EU-Habitat)
    • Low operating costs and only one maintenance-free side bar chain
    • Easy maintenance, mesh panels can be changed at floor level (no need for channel dewatering - less down time of plant)
    • Lower head-loss/(pressure loss): water passes through the screen only once (no brushes required).
    • Intensive and efficient cleaning of the mesh panels
    • Zero carryover of debris to the clean water side
    • Space/Footprint saving
    • Installation time saving
    • Self-supporting frame
    • Less mussel growth thanks to straight channels
    • Highest flexibility/redundancy for the operator thanks to one pump per channel design

    Geiger MultiDisc - YouTube

    Geiger MultiDisc with Fish Protection Technology - YouTube

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