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We help you prevent, reduce or repair wear and corrosion.

We help our customers prevent, reduce or repair wear caused by abrasion, corrosion or impact. REMA TIP TOP’s wear and corrosion control teams represent more than 40 years of service in the industry providing an expertise based resource group with fundamental understanding of industry processes to ensure the products and services offered are best suited to meet customer requirements. 



  • Coroflake
    HIGH permeation resistance
    HIGH service temperature
    HIGH in chemical resistance
    HIGH solids content
    HIGH build capabilities

    COROFLAKE coatings & linings are available in several base resins; vinyl ester, novolac vinyl ester, polyester, epoxy and epoxy novolac....

  • COROFLAKE - Trowel Applied Flake Reinforced Linings
    Trowel applied, glass flake reinforced COROFLAKE series linings are designed for application on steel substrates for protection against most chemical immersion services at temperatures up to 200°F (93°C). The lining is generally applied in two trowel coats over primer to achieve a target dry fi lm thickness (DFT) of 80 mils (2.0 mm) with a range of 60-120 mils (1.5-3.0 mm).

    COROFLAKE - Spray Applied Flake Filled Coatings/Linings
    These spray and roller applied, flake filled COROFLAKE series coatings protect steel and concrete in a wide range of industrial applications at various service temperatures. Systems include low, medium and high build coatings ranging in thickness from 6-50 mils (150-1250 um) DFT per coat depending on selection. Features include excellent chemical resistance, user friendly application and quick return to service.

    COROFLAKE MR - Mat Reinforced Linings
    COROFLAKE MR linings consist of a primer, trowel applied basecoat, one layer of fiberglass mat or synthetic fabric reinforcement, and a flake filled topcoat from the COROFLAKE coatings range. The lining design combines trowel and roller/spray application to provide an economical alternative to trowel-mat-trowel linings where applicable. The lining thickness range is 80-120 mils (2.0-3.0 mm) DFT with a target of 100 mils (2.5 mm). COROFLAKE MR is used to protect concrete and steel in immersion service up to 180°F (82°C) and splash/spill temperatures to 220°F (104°C)

  • Chemoline Rubber
    The best soft rubber lining system for chemical and abrasion resistance against aggressive media with high solids content. YOUR TANK WILL THANK YOU!...

  • Properties
    • CHEMOLINE rubber sheets are produced via vacuum roller head extrusion into nonporous continuous rolls sized at (44” W X 33’-0” L), in layer thicknesses from 3/32”-1/4” ( 2mm-6mm)
    • CHEMOLINE rubber sheets are available in un-vulcanized, cold -vulcanized (limited) and pre-vulcanized rolls
    • Pre-vulcanized CHEMOLINE rubber sheets are co-extruded with REMA Tip Top’s special CN bonding layer that is uniquely reactive with REMA Tip Top’s cold bonding adhesive systems.
    • Pre-vulcanized CHEMOLINE can be installed on all steel or concrete substrates using a REMA TIP TOP two component bonding systems.
    • Most CHEMOLINE (un-vulcanized versions) are autoclave cured with special CHEMOLINE cold vulcanizing versions that can be cured via ambient temperatures over an approx 6 +week timeframe
    • CHEMOLINE-un-vulcanized/cold vulcanized versions- applied with REMA Tip Top developed/manufactured adhesives.
    • CHEMOLINE rubber sheets can operate in excess of 100°C

    Areas of application
    • Scrubber media holding & make-up tanks
    • Thickener tanks
    • Rake arms
    • Chemical processing and storage tanks
    • FGD slurry piping
    • Demineralizer, Catian, Anion vessels and Repairs

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