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Welcome to visit ALF, manufacturer of Cable Ties accessories

Henan Quanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. (ALF for short) is the Top-rank professional Manufacturer in China, engaging in manufacturing high-quality plastic fasteners, wire management devices and custom components. ALF main products cover Nylon Cable Ties (PA66), Stainless Steel Cable Ties (SS-304,316), Cable Ties Accessories and Corrugated Conduits. ALF has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification and products are approved by UL, CE, RoHS, REACH, IATF16949 and etc.ALF is located in Pingdingshan city, Henan, China.

Brands: Brand: ALF Company: Manufacturer, R&D, Production and Sales Products: Nylon Cable Ties (PA66), Stainless Steel Cable Ties (SS-304,316), Cable Ties Accessories and Corrugated Conduits.


  • Nylon Cable Ties
    Nylon cable ties is a type of fastener for holding items together, primarily electrical cables and wires. Because of their low cost, ease of use, and binding strength, cable ties are ubiquitous, finding use in a wide range of other applications....

  • ALF专业生产尼龙扎带,包括通用电缆扎带,可安装头扎带,可松开扎带,标记扎带,超重型模具,推安装扎带,双环扎带,彩色扎带等。还可以提供特殊材料,如耐候性,耐寒性,耐热性,UL94-V0。ALF 电缆扎带已通过 UL、Reach、RoHS、卤素、抗紫外线、IATF-16949 认证,ALF 工厂已通过 BSCI 认证。以上信息都表明,ALF拥有严格的质量控制体系来监控生产过程,以确保产品合格,能够满足各个行业的需求。ALF主要产品如下:等级:
    微型(T18磅/ 31磅),中间(T40磅),标准(T50磅),重型(T120磅/ 175磅),超重型(T250磅)

  • Cable Tie Mounts
    Cable tie mounts are a convenient solution for securing and guiding cables, tubes and other objects. The cable tie mount can be attached by using a screw or by using a self adhesive strip....

  • ALF specializes in producing Cable Tie Mounts, including Self-adhesive Cable Tie Mounts, Saddle Tie Mounts, Cable Tie Holders, R-clamps and etc. ALF extensive line of cable tie accessories will make your job a whole lot easier, regardless of the project or application.

    From Cable Tie Mounts, Cable Tie Screw Mounts, Cable Tie Anchor Mounts, Cable Tie Mounting Bases to our selection of cable tie tools, we’ve got you covered. Everything needed to efficiently meet the demands of any residential, industrial, or commercial cable tie job.

    Cable Tie Mounts can save time by keeping the cable tie head from sliding down (vertical applications) and maintains its placement during horizontal applications.

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