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  • Ultra-Violet (UV) Cured Pipe Lining
    HK uses the UV-cured pipe lining process as a fast and cost-effective pipeline rehabilitation method. Like traditional CIPP, UV is a trenchless solution that limits disruptions to traffic & utilities....

  • The UV Pipe Lining Process

    The UV pipe lining process begins by placing a pipe liner layered with resin inside the failing pipe to rehabilitate from within the existing structure. Once the liner has been carefully measured and installed to reach all transition spots within the pipeline, it is inflated with air. Before curing, the crew completes a CCTV inspection of the pipeline to ensure there are no wrinkles or folds within the liner. Then, a UV light train is sent in to cure the pipe.

    The UV-cured pipe lining system cures in only 10 minutes, making it the most efficient pipe lining option available. Because UV-cured liners do not use any steam or water, it does not require any heavy equipment and the process limits any risk of contaminated water discharge. Our clients also value the environment-friendly benefits of being a styrene-free and low carbon footprint solution.

    This UV-cured lining method can be used for a wide variety of pipe widths, from 3 inches in diameter up to 86 inches in diameter, making this an ideal solution for large diameter pipeline rehabilitation applications. The more complex the conditions, the more evident the benefits of this liner. If you are interested in learning more about large diameter pipe cleaning and rehabilitation services, reach out to our team of experts.

    Benefits of UV-Cured Pipe Liners

    • Fully structural rehabilitation within the existing pipeline
    • Design life of up to 70 years
    • Available for rehabilitation of pipes ranging from two up to 72 Inches in diameter
    • Curing in 10 minutes
    • Styrene-free   
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