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Leakwise field-proven oil leak detection systems

Leakwise provides:

  • Reliable real-time detection and monitoring of hydrocarbon leaks and spills
  • Proven performance with over 6,000 systems installed worldwide
  • Essential for a safer facility and environmental compliance
  • Certified for hazardous areas: ATEX, IECx, ETL

Growing environmental concerns about our global water resources make LEAKWISE systems critical for detecting and mitigating the risk of surface water and groundwater pollution events by all industries using fuels and other types of oil.


Brands: Leakwise, Oil-On-Water Monitor, Oil Sheen Detection, Oil Spill Monitoring, Environmental compliance, Oil Leak Detection, Sensors


  • Leakwise Oil on Water Sensors ID-221 & ID-223
    Oil on Water Monitoring Sensors ID-221 & ID-223...

  • Leakwise is a series of oil sheen detection and oil layer monitoring systems. Leakwise sensors use a proprietary high-frequency electromagnetic energy absorption technology implemented on floating devices that follow water level accurately. Since water absorbs more electromagnetic energy than hydrocarbons, changes in the absorption rate of water indicate the presence or buildup of a hydrocarbon layer, starting as low as 0.3 mm. A Leakwise system comprises of a sensor (or multiple sensors) connected to a controller.

  • Leakwise Controllers PS-220 & SLC-220
    Controllers PS-220 & SLC-220, processing the Leakwise sensors' signal....

  • Digital controllers for multiple ID-220 sensors (up to 4). Gives oil spill/leak alerts, including information about oil layer buildup and thickness, via a variety of outputs and communication interfaces for local or remote users. Interface options: Relay outputs, analog 4-20mA, RS485 / RS232 Modbus, cellular messaging, local status lights and LCD. It can be AC or DC line powered.


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