Translucent Energy, Inc.

New York,  NY 
United States
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Clean energy wherever and whenever you need it.

Translucent Energy, Inc. is a U.S.-based PV module manufacturer and smart infrastructure system integrator, serving commercial, industrial, NGO, and government clients as well as residential distributors. As a company, we are focused on making energy independence a reality by offering exceptional-quality PV modules and energy storage solutions at competitive prices and providing innovative on- and off-grid smart infrastructure solutions.

Brands: solar; photovoltaic; microgrids; EV charging; TAU; EV-E; smart infrastructure; PV modules; solar panel; clean energy; power generation


  • TAU Series
    TAU is Translucent Energy’s containerized PV system for on and off-grid
    electrification including solar modules, energy storage and
    energy management system....

  • Translucent Energy’s TAU containerized PV system is a compact and portable containerized microgrid, providing a complete power generating solution including solar modules, energy storage and energy management system. The solar array is fixed on a prefabricated structure that can be easily unfolded on site. TAU is suitable for any commercial or industrial application. The system operates in total silence, providing 24/7/365 service. During the day, power is generated directly o the PV system. During the night, power is drawn from an on-board Energy Storage System (options available, depending on eiciency and demand requirements). With every installation, an integrated TAU Energy Management System provides full control to on-site and remote users.

    Applications: Microgrids and rural electrification; Electric vehicles charging infrastructure; Emergency relief services; Refugee camps and temporary settlements; Water treatment facilities; Greenhouses and agriculture systems; Telecom o-grid facilities; Remote islands and resorts; Outdoor events; Backup power generation; Mining, industrial and roadway operations; Military installations

    Optional add-ons

    EV-EOur team was the first to deploy ultra-fast, off-grid EV charging infrastructure. Backed by this experience, TE introduces EV-E – an ultra-reliable, solar-powered platform that supports ultra-fast EV charging independent from the limitations of the power grid.

    Green hydrogen backupOur Green Hydrogen system is a totally self-contained power storage option. It produces hydrogen from atmospheric water, which is captured and then run through our electrolyzer to separate the hydrogen necessary to run a fuel cell that can act as an additional power source. Our patented Green Hydrogen Backup stores hydrogen under low pressure, making it significantly safer and less expensive than systems that store hydrogen under high pressure.

    Atmospheric water generation With the Atmospheric Water Generation add-on, the Tau system is capable of extracting pure water from the atmosphere to fill an onboard storage reservoir. The water is then filtered to provide clean drinking water. Depending on environmental conditions, each unit is capable of producing up to 300 gallons of water a day, and the system can be sized to meet end-user demand by adding units.

    The containerized TAU series can be rapidly deployed to any location, and just as rapidly disassembled and moved if your needs change.

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