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  • Fuel Maintenance Services
    Petroleum Recovery Services offers fuel filtration & tank maintenance services. Since 1997, we have built a reputation for providing excellent customer service. PRS manages thousands of tanks for critical facilities that require uninterrupted 24/7 power....

  • We Are About Great Service:

    Fuel storage for emergency preparedness is a standard requirement for many industries.  This means fuel sits in tanks for long periods of time and requires regular maintenance if you want your equipment to run when needed.  That’s our specialty.  Petroleum Recovery Services (PRS) has been providing fuel quality assurance (FQA) and tank system maintenance since 1997.  Our great reputation has been built on providing excellent customer service while managing thousands of tanks for critical facilities that require uninterrupted power. This includes hospitals, airports, communication centers, data centers, military, utility providers and many other industries. 

    PRS  provides a diverse scope of services performed by Trained Fuel Technicians and Certified Tank Inspectors.  Whatever the project or compliance standards that must be met, you can be assured that PRS will provide the most cost-effective solution. Our fuel filtration equipment is custom designed to remove particulates as small as 1-micron, remove 99% of water (bulk & suspended) all while allowing tanks to remain online.

    PRS is registered in SAM as a vendor for the United States Government.

    Contact Petroleum Recovery Services for details on how we can service your fuel and tank maintenance needs. We look forward to earning your business.

    Fuel Services:

    • Fuel Quality Assurance Maintenance Contracts
    • Fuel Sampling (ASTM D4057 Standard)
    • Fuel Filtration (Diesel, Gas, Aviation)
    • Fuel Centrifuge Services
    • Bottom Pump (Bulk Water)
    • 3rd Party Lab Analysis
    • Fuel Pump Out & Disposal Services
    • Fuel Transfer Services
    • Fuel Stabilizing Treatment
    • Biocide Treatment
    • USCG Overwater Transfer Certified
    • Gamma Jet Cleaning
    • Tank Cleaning
    • Confined Space Entry Cleaning
    • Fuel & Tank Reports, Record Keeping

    Tank Inspection Services:

    • Video Inspection
    • STI SP001 Tank Inspections
    • API 653 Tank Inspections
    • API 580 Line Inspections
    • Robotic Tank Inspections
    • Manned Entry Inspection
    • UT Testing
    • Tank Gauging

    Compliance Testing:

    • Tank, Line & Leak Detector Testing
    • Secondary Containment Testing
    • Spill Bucket Testing
    • Cathodic Testing
    • Overfill Protection Testing
    • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Installation & Certification
    • Periodic System Inspection (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)
    • Class A/B and C UST Operator Training

    Tank System Maintenance:

    • Project Management Services
    • Spill containment replacements and retrofits
    • STP containment replacements and retrofits
    • Tank Close-Out, Fill in Place, Tank Removal
    • Tank Install (AST & UST)
    • Engineered drawings
    • Tank monitoring systems including Veeder-Root, INCON and OPW
    • Probe & Sensor Replacement
    • Piping Repairs, Installs, Removals
    • Repairs, diagnostics, replacement of tank field components
    • Overfill protection, repair, and maintenance
    • Tank Coating Repairs

    Lab Analysis Services:

    (Biofuel, Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Turbine Fuel)

    • Flash Point
    • Appearance
    • Water & Sediment
    • API Gravity
    • Water by Karl Fisher
    • Distillation
    • Sulfur
    • Cloud Point
    • Cetane Index
    • Bacteria, Fungi, Mold Counts
    • Metals by ICP
    • Biodiesel %
    • ISO Particle Count
    • Viscosity
    • Carbon Residue, Ramsbottom on 10% Residue
    • Ash Content
    • Pour Point
    • Corrosion Copper Strip Tarnish
    • HFRR Lubricity Testing
  • Lab Analysis
    Petroleum Recovery Services provides fuel sampling and 3rd party lab testing for fuel....

  • Petroleum Recovery Services fuel sampling and lab testing utilizing 3rd party laboratory.
    • Certified fuel technician will take a fuel sample from tanks utilizing an EPA approved hand-operated vacuum pump. This method draws fuel directly into the sample bottle, without coming into contact with the pump, thus preventing cross contamination of fuel samples from multiple tanks.
    • Fuel samples are labeled, and a strict chain of custody is followed to send the samples to a national accredited fuel testing lab.  All ASTM test parameters in the SOW are included in the fuel test package.
    Lab reports will be provided in 10-12 business days. The Fuel Report will include photos of the sample, detailed lab reports showing testing parameters and identifying anything out of limits.
  • Fuel Treatment Services
    Petroleum Recovery Services can provide fuel treatments and treatment services. Includes fuel stabilizers, lubricity, biocides...

  • A key effective fuel preventative management program should include regular scheduled fuel sampling, testing and adding fuel treatments to stabilize, protect and extend fuel's life span. 
    • Add a fuel additive that helps to stabilize fuel in storage, one that has been formulated to remove water and add lubricity. Stabilizers slow the degradation of the fuel to protect its combustion quality for the longest time possible. In order for stabilizers to be fully effective, they need to be added when the fuel is fresh and in good shape. Add more stabilizer when fresh fuel is added.
    • Add a biocide to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold. If generators are only fueled a couple times a year, add biocide at a kill dose level, every time. Like stabilizers, biocides get “used up” over time, hence the need to re-treat the fuel periodically.
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