Portable Solutions Group

Wurtland,  KY 
United States
  • Booth: 2353

PSG is the parent company of Secured By MAC & DropBox Inc.

Portable Solutions Group is an ISO shipping container modification company specializing in designing, engineering, and manufacturing containerized solutions. We are industry leaders in perimeter security with our patented MAC turnstile portals. These portals are modular units that contain access control to provide data on those entering and exiting the job site. No matter the size of your site, we can help your project remain safe, secure, and compliant. Utilizing access control systems, we provide real-time data to monitor site activity. 

Brands: Security, Secured By MAC, DropBox, Inc., Modular Construction, Modular builds, Site Security, Digitization


  • M8EX
    This MAC unit has 8 turnstile lanes and includes an office on the end for additional site monitoring....

  • Allowing 17 individuals to enter or exit each lane per minute, this unit makes it possible to allow over 100 people into a site safely per minute. 
  • Multiplex Office
    This multiplex drop office is the ideal solution for projects that require ample office space in remote locations. It is also more cost-efficient than a traditional stick build....

  • This unit comprises two 40-foot containers combined to create over 600 square feet of office space. Completely customizable, this multiplex includes a utility-tie restroom and HVAC units to create a climate-controlled environment wherever the office is needed. This solution can be temporary or permanent, depending on the project's scope.

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