PTR-Precision Technologies, Inc

Enfield,  CT 
United States
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Expert EB Welding Solutions for your Joining Challenges

PTR-Precision Technologies is the premier supplier in the niche electron beam welding industry. Since the 1950’s, PTR has been building long lasting electron beam welding machines, serving the PowerGen industry and beyond.

PTR also operates a contract welding job shop for your most sophisticated PowerGen applications. PTR job shop technicians boast a combined 191 years of EB Weld experience, from high volume production to one-off mission critical hardware. As the OEM of our EBW machines, we have onsite service technicians to minimize machine downtime and delays for our customers.

Brands: Electron Beam Welding Equipment, Contract EB Welding Services, Steam Turbine Diaphragm Welding, Combustion Chamber Cover Welding, Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzle Welding, Blade Vane and Bucket Welding


  • Electron Beam Welding Systems
    High (150kV) or Low Voltage (60kV), Fixed or Moving EB Generator, Multi-Axis CNC, Precision Electron Beam Welding Equipment...

  • EB welding of large parts used in aerospace, power generation and many other industrial applications require chambers with enough capacity to accomodate the work envelope and the range of motion needed. PTR is a leading manufacturer of these EB welders and can provide the most suitable system for any application.

    PTR's EB chamber welders are modular systems built with proven designs using high quality off-the-shelf components. Standard chamber sizes range from 1.5 cubic feet to more than 2,000 cubic feet (60 m3). Our High Voltage (150 kV) and Low Voltage (60 kV) Beam Generators consistently and reliably produce a high quality beam.  The external electron beam generators on these systems is outside of the harsh welding environment which protects these components and simplifies routine maintenance.

    Beam Generation
    • 60 kV to 150 kV Accelerating Voltage
    • 3 kW to 60 kW Switch Mode Power Supplies
    • Fast Response, Closed Loop Beam Current Control
    • High Speed Digital Beam Deflection (option)
    • Fanuc CNC for Motion, Beam Parameters and System Control
    • Ergonomic Operator Console
    • PC Based User Interface
    • Automatic or Manual Operation or a Combination
    • X-Y table, Rotary / Tilt / Z Motion Systems
    • Linear and Rotary Welds to Complex 3D Interpolations
    • Fixed External Gun Column
    • "Beam's-Eye" View of the Weld
    • High Intensity Workpiece Illumination
    • Data Acquisition System
    • Wire Feeder (option)

  • Contract Electron Beam Welding Services
    PTR provides the technology to achieve the highest quality welds for the most critical applications for customers in the Aerospace, Defense, Power Generation, Semiconductor and many other industries....

  • PTR is a NADCAP certified supplier of EB Job Shop services offering its customers a wide range of electron beam processing capabilities, including 60 kV, 150 kV and partial or high vacuum electron beam welding.  We have the most modern CNC Electron Beam Welding Systems of any contract welding job shop, competitive prices, full support services and the experience to produce the highest quality welds reliably and repeatably.  In an industry where many shops use EB welding machines that are 30 to 40 years old, PTR uses the latest generation Electron Beam Welders. These systems are supported by a staff of qualified operators and backed by professionals with extensive welding and metallurgical expertise.

    Our contract  Electron Beam Welding services range from new process development to prototype welding to high production welding. PTR's job shop is equipped to handle parts ranging from several grams to several tons. Our operators are certified welders skilled at electron beam welding for many industries including flight critical components for aviation, turbomachinery, sensitive electronics, precision medical parts as well as small scale research & development applications.

    • AMS 2680 and AMS 2681B
    • NADCAP Certified
    • FAA Certified Repair Station
    • ITAR Registered
    • ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC 2021)
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