Dewesoft Llc

United States
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DEWESoft is The neXt Evolution of Data Acquisition!

DEWESoft, offers a full suite of hardware and software for in-vehicle and lab applications. Scalable from 4 to 1000’s of channels, our instruments are available in many different configurations and offer not only Power monitoring capabilities but also monitoring of the entire system!



  • Power Analysis and Power Quality Testing Solutions
    We offer innovative data acquisition instruments for power analysis and power quality with 0.03% accuracy for high voltage and AC/DC current measurement....

  • DEWESoft is a world leader in data acquisition hardware and software, and with the Power Analyzer setup you’ll be able to use all your sensors to measure data and analyze testing from motors, transformers, and lighting equipment to electric vehicle testing and smart grid and energy management. DEWESoft hardware can fit your channel count needs scaling from small systems to battery-powered or  all-in-one workstations with integrated touchscreen displays. With each of these systems you can customize what types of inputs your need and can get completely synchronous measurements from all types of analog, digital, and temperature inputs to video processing, CAN data, and GPS data and timing. DEWESoft equipment even works with current transducers by being powered directly out of the unit. And with the DEWESoft software, setting up your measurement screens couldn’t be easier. With an intuitive drag-and-drop system of screens, recorders, and widgets users will be looking any and all pertinent data they need in a matter of minutes. DEWESoft can display your vector scope, Harmonic FFT, and frequency data all in real-time so you have exact control of your data coming in. Once it is done DEWESoft’s integrated analysis software lets you manipulate your data to show off the data you need. For more information, check out or contact your local DEWESoft sales manager today!

  • E-Mobility
    eDrive & Electric Vehicle Testing...

  • Advanced and easy to use solutions for complete electric and hybrid vehicle testing in the development, validation and production phase.  One-stop solutions for electric motor and inverter testing, battery and battery charge testing, combustion analysis, hydrogen engine testing and more.
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