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Farmingdale,  NJ 
United States
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World Leader in Industrial LED Lighting

Dialight is a global leader in industrial LED technology with over a million lighting fixtures installed worldwide, providing one of the most efficient ways to drive down energy usage, significantly reducing lighting maintenance costs with a rapid ROI.  In addition, Dialight's next generation LED lighting solutions create a safer environment, and are designed to provide superior operting performance, reliability, and long-lasting life expectancy and durability.  Dialight's smart LED technology, built into the LED systems packages, are a great fit for current lighting specfications for Power Generation and Renewable Energy Markets.  Dialight's LED Obstruction Lights for the Power Generation and Energy Markets are FAA certified and meet all FAA specification requirements for medium and tall structures used in these industrial environments.  In summary, Dialight and it's system integration & installation partners such as Fuellgraf Chimeny & Tower, can help customers design a turnkey lighting solution to upgrade outdated, costlier, non-LED lighting, with turnkey LED lighting upgrade conversions.

Brands: LED, Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Power Gen Plant Lighting, Hazardous Plant Lighting, Towers, Cooling Towers, Chimney Stacks, Obstruction, Signal lights, Remote Monitoring


Dialight Obstruction LED Solutions


  • FAA Approved LED Power Gen Lighting Systems
    FAA approved High and Medium Intensity LED System for Power Gen and Renewable Energy cooling towers and chimney stacks....

  • Dialight's FAA approved LED Aviation Safety Obstruction Lighting Systems are tried-and-true cost-saving systems for a myriad of Power Gen Markets. Dialight manufactures and supplies both medium intensity (for shorter structures), and high intensity LED lighting for structures requiring to be lit by the FAA, such as tall chimney stacks and even taller cooling towers.  Dialight's current high intensity LED system is now in Generation 3 (first one in 2011), with a demonstrated track record of saving Power Gen customers thousands of dollars on maintenance over the course of 10-15 years since there are never any bulbs to change with LED, and consequently, no more maintenace climbs to pay contractors for.  Together with our Power Gen LED Systems integration partners, Dialight can provide a truly innovative and sustainable and smart LED solution that customers can and have relied on for over 10 years to help improve site safety, cut lighting maintenace costs, and deliver optimum performance thereby freeing up plant resources and redirect them to other priorities.
  • FAA Approved High Intensity LED System
    Dialight's High Intensity LED System is the industry leader for FAA certified lighting for tall structures such as power plant stacks, cooling towers, and any structure entering FAA's airspace where aviation safety warning lights are required....

  • Dialight's High Intensity LED System for tall structures in the Power Gen Market (including other markets where tall towers are present), is tried-and-true, with a 10+ year reliability track record.  This platform of Dialight LED lights brings a safer work environment at the structure as no maintenance is required (no bulbs) to change, and thus, saves significant costs for lighting over the course of the next 10-15 years.  This makes the ROI fast for changing out more costly, maintenance-driven, non LED lighting such as incandescent and Xenon lights which are fast approaching obsolescence.   Dialight has well-trained and certified installers partner companies who are well versed in propoer installation of Dialight's LED solutions for the Power Gen Market. 
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