Patriot3, Inc

Fredericksburg,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 2223

Please come by booth #435 to visit the Patriot3 team.

Patriot3 Maritime delivers next generation gear for the maritime operator. From long range MarOps to Combat Swimmer equipment. Our products are designed to enhance mobility, stealth and quick-strike capabilities in unforgiving environments. Patriot3's Maritime Division focuses on maritime gear and technology for the rescue and military operator.  The Hammerhead is the world's first fully modular subsurface multi-mission vehicle and can operate autonomously or by manual control.  The systems modularity allows for full customization to fit a wide variety of mission requirements. The Hammerhead uses The Navigator Delta 2 from Shark Marine Technologies which provides multiple navigational features such as; Full/Semi-autonomous control, mapping capabilities, Ascend/Descend rate limits, course and heading information, station keeping and more.  Jetboots is our unique diver propulsion system which is designed specifically for the military diver.  Jetboots uses low noise brushless motors and lithium-ion batteries to achieve powerful propulsion at a very low total system weight.  Jetboots greatly enhances mission capabilities of a military diver.    

Brands: Hammerhead SMV - The World's first fully modular subsurface multi-mission vehicle. Jetboots - A unique diver propulsion system designed specifically for the military diver.