Polaris Government & Defense

  • Booth: 504

MRZR Alphas in Polaris Government & Defense Booth 413

Polaris Government & Defense is the largest ultralight tactical vehicle provider for the U.S. military and a division of global powersports leader Polaris Inc. It has delivered gas, diesel and hybrid variants for more than 50 military forces worldwide. The company’s expertise in off-road vehicle development, engineering and manufacturing provides value and capability to operators, producing vehicles with exceptional mobility, versatility and reliability.

The MRZR Alpha is the newest and most capable MRZR to-date, providing unmatched mobility and durability. It also delivers superior mission flexibility with multiple configurations, including an interchangeable Arctic Mobility Kit. Tracks provide off-road, all-terrain capability over snow, soft soil and mixed terrain. The cab helps protect occupants from weather conditions and environmental elements. The kit expands the environments the MRZR Alpha can operate in and increase an already wide range of terrain for which it is well-suited.

Brands: Polaris MV850, MRZR and DAGOR are intuitive to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to globally support within an existing worldwide infrastructure of parts distribution and dealer service networks.