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United States
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ARTAK - Enhanced Situational Awareness & Mission Planning

Eolian's Augmented Reality Tactical Assault Kit (ARTAK) is a man-portable and rapidly self-deployable system that implements Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Tablet devices to provide a comprehensive suite of tools for mission planning, situational awareness, and command and control.
ARTAK was built to support battle space, theater, and corps commanders, with a secondary objective to support higher-echelon commands. ARTAK gives individuals access to a global database of 3D maps and the ability to ingest their own map data to enable multi-domain situational awareness across the spectrum of conflict, from stability and support operations through full-spectrum operations.

ARTAK Turn-key “Kits” contain all necessary equipment for the system to operate, including Software, User Devices, Network Devices, and off-line Servers, as well as training and support.

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