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CrewCare is an affordable employee benefits service platform

CrewCare’s affordable benefits are performing well for foodservice owners all across the United States. Owners will have 2 payment options: owners can pay or employees can pay via payroll deduction. Full-service platform cost is only $45 per employee per month for our full-service platform.

Nationwide, McDonald’s owners and operators are truly enjoying CrewCare’s robust Employee Value Proposition (EVP) solution to help them retain employees, especially now during the pandemic and these turbulent financial times. Worker shortages are also a major concern for employers.

Please review some of our testimonials and case study to see how CrewCare can help your organization. No matter the company size or the number of employees you can deploy CrewCare in just days to help you hire and retain employees!

Brands: CrewCare's 5 core employee benefits brands are CrewCare Health Care, CrewCare Top Level Connect, CrewCare Credit-Pal, CrewCare-Rideshare, and CrewCare Local Coupons.

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  • Get 1 Store Location Covered With CrewCare FREE! 

    Just provide us a CVS file of management/employees and we will activate them on the CrewCare full-service platform at no cost!  We suggest you add the names of owners, family members, and buyers including managers during this free evaluation period.

    Just contact the Company representative at our booth 1525 for full details and get started today!  


  • Top Level Connect
    Personal Video Messages from Top Management To Employees Begining Day 1 to Day 90...

  • CrewCare "Top Level Connect": is a mobile app that delivers personal video messages directly from top management on days 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90! Welcome, advanced apps, benefits, learning, and personal growth inspires all employees from the top down. 
  • CrewCare Health Care
    Comprehensive Low-Cost Employee Benefits, Telemedicine, Dental, Vision, Mental Health 24/7/365 also includes lifestyle benefits. All-inclusive management and employee benefits for only $45.00 per employee per month....

  • CrewCare Health Care: Our comprehensive flagship employee benefits are affordably priced for even part-time employees.  These low-cost employee health care benefits and lifestyle discounts include telemedicine, dental, vision, chiropractic, and mental health. No out-of-pocket telehealth expenses, no documentation, guaranteed coverage for all, and telemedicine benefits that can be shared with up to 8 family members (including college students) and friends anywhere in the United States. Local daily savings app with CrewCare Local Coupon Perks, CrewCare Credit-Pal, CrewCare Employee Rideshare App, and CrewCare Top Level Connect.   All-inclusive management and employee benefits and mobile apps for only $45.00 per employee per month. There are no additional fees of any kind. Owners have 2 payment options: owners can pay or employees can pay via payroll deduction.