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  • Booth: 1040

Arctic® apples. Taste the difference at Booth #1040.

Arctic® apple varieties help ensure fewer apples get wasted and more apples get tasted, thanks to their 28-day shelf life!

Arctic® apples come freshly sliced and because they stay orchard fresh longer they are a simple addition to salads, fruit trays, charcuterie boards, smoothies and more!

Foodservice benefits from reducing unnecessary food waste, less prep time, improved product quality, convenience, and new menu possibilities that fresh apples can finally be added to.

Fresh slices of Arctic® apples are available in three varieties: Arctic® Goldens, Arctic® Grannys, and Arctic® Fujis.

Stop by Booth #1040 and taste the difference for yourself. 

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  • Arctic® Apples | Okanagan Specialty Fruits
    Arctic® apples stay orchard-fresh longer than other pre-sliced apples. A 28-day shelf life, means less shrink and less food waste! They are available in multiple package options, cuts, and varieties. Taste the difference for yourself at Booth #1040....

  • With Arctic® apples you can finally say goodbye to wasted apples and hello to new innovations and possibilities!

    Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. is the developer and grower behind the innovative Arctic apple varieties.

    Arctic apples stay orchard-fresh longer than other pre-sliced apples with a 28-day shelf life, this means less shrink and less food waste. Our sliced and diced products require no labor and are the perfect ingredient - now you can finally use apples where you wouldn’t dare to use them before! The flavor and texture of Arctic apple fresh slices is exceptional, and your customers will love the freshly-picked taste and crunch.

    Enjoy our Arctic® Golden, Arctic® Granny, or Arctic® Fuji varieties in multiple cuts and package sizes. Less waste. Less labor. More home-sliced flavor! Discover and taste the difference for yourself at Booth #1040.