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Arnels Originals - GF, organic vegan, free-from baking mixes

Arnels Originals has 5 gluten-free, 100% organic baking mixes that make almost anything flour makes. BREAD (rolls, buns), AP FLOUR (cookies, pies, crunchy things, thickens sauces, breading), PANCAKE (waffles, crepes), CAKE (make any flavor & add your own sweetener), PIZZA (& pita bread.) Best of all, they are allergy friendly, vegan friendly, & delicious. We help with recipe development, right in your facility. 5 pound and 50 pound sizes. Reach out with questions. Arnels@ArnelsOriginal


  • Pizza Crust Mix
    YES! A delicious gluten free, organic, allergy friendly, vegan pizza crust mix that has crispy edges & a satisfying bite you can sink your teeth into. 1 lb. of flour makes 8 individual crusts, which costs $.50/crust when buying 50 pounds....

  • The pizza crusts are super easy to make in advance and freeze until ready to use. Mix the yeast dough, roll out the crust, par-bake for 3 minutes, and freeze. When you are ready for a hot crispy delicious pizza, pull out the frozen crust, top with your favorite toppings, and bake for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the temperature of the oven. This yeast dough performs wonderfully on the grill!
  • Make-a-Cake, your way Mix
    Finally, a moist gluten free cake that makes any flavor (chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon spice, lemon, etc) AND allows you to add the sweeter. It's organic, kosher, easy to make vegan, and allergy friendly. Perfect for the creative cook.

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    If you own a cake decorating company or bakery, and are looking to provide the best gluten free cake options, you have flound the best!

    FLAVORS - vanilla, chocolate, mocha, lemon, cinnamon spice, marble, red velvet, etc. You are only limited by your imagination.

    FILLINGS - jams, fresh fruit, nut butters, seed butters, lemon curd, butter creme, chocolate, puddings, etc. (all can be made dairy free)

    SWEETENERS - cane sugar, coconut sugar, date sugar, banana, agave, honey, maple syrup, non-nutritive sweeteners, etc.  Note...not all sweeteners will moisten, and brown 

    SIZES - one pound yields 32 servings (double layered cake, 32 muffins, 32 cupcakes, 2 bundt cakes, 1/4 sheet cake)

    EGG FREE - for each egg, substitute 1/4 cup flax gel AND 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar. 

    The cakes can be frozen and defrosted with excellent results. 

    Feel free to pick Arnel's brain for your unique ideas!