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Deep-fryer oil saving device

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  • Saving 50% on the cost of cooking oil for your deep frying operation

    OiLChef is revolutionizing the food service, hospitality and catering industry by forcing their

    cooking oil in deep fryers to produce twice as much great quality food product per litre/lb of oil.

    This saves operators 50% on oil costs, reduces carbon footprint and improves profit.

    The food service and hospitality industry have suffered greatly since the shutdowns started in 2019. Since then, there

    have been gradual re-openings of hotels, bars, restaurants, and takeaways.

    However, the cost of food has risen greatly. One food group – cooking oil – has more than doubled in price and is set to

    rise even further. Some of the reasons are weather related which has reduced crop yield and other reasons are economic.

    Supply chains have been hit with rising costs of fuel, distribution, and labour. In addition to this, farmers are being offered

    a higher price for their crop seeds to make biofuel instead of edible oil and this impacts supply.

    How can the food service and hospitality industry protect against these risings costs? One way is to make the cooking

    oil last longer. In fact, the award-winning accessory for deep fryers, is doing just that. The OiLChef device is a catalytic

    convertor for deep fryers!

    It keeps the cooking oil in a fresher condition, by slowing down oxidation, stopping polymerizations of the oil molecules

    and by retarding the buildup of free fatty acids, peroxides, total polar materials and most importantly of all the

    carcinogenic acrylamides in frying oil.

    The OiLChef device is not a filter, it is not a chemical, it adds nothing to the oil, it takes nothing out of the oil, it is an

    inorganic device that helps you keep your oil alive for longer.

    The technology increases the thermal conductivity in the oil, enabling a faster heat recovery action in the oil, and allowing

    you to cook food quicker and at a lower temperature.

    Virtually maintenance free, the OiLChef device only need be replaced after 3 years.

    A simple 3 second self-installation which is virtually maintenance free, and only needs replacing every 3 years. OiLChef is a

    dream come true for professional kitchens that operate deep fryers. OiLChef is in thousands of deep fryers around the World

    and comes with a full 3-year warranty and saves you up to 50% on oil purchases every month.

    Using OiLChef in your fryer oil will have a positive impact on fried food quality. Food will cook quicker and crispier at a

    lower temperature and more importantly, the food will absorb less oil, which in turn keeps the food crispier for longer, taste

    more of the food you are selling and less of the oil or fat it is being fried in.

    For more information, visit their booth #1237  www.OiLChef.com

    Strategic Distribution, Sales and Corporate contact their CEO direct: sean.farry@oilchef.com


  • OiLChef
    Cooking Oil Saving Device for deep-fryers. This device helps you to double the volume of food you can cook per lb of oil, saving you around 50% on cooking oil purchases. This device is NOT A FILTER - It doubles oil life....

  • Award winning FDA approved technology using a trade secret formulation of silver, rare and precious metals which work at a moleculra level in the frying oil to slow down the rate at which oil breaks down in your deep-fryer. The result is a crispier food product that cooks quicker at a lower temperature and you have to see this to believe it! Money back guarantee, full 3 year warranty and our product is 100% made in America with all american materials and american labor.

    Our patented food grade stainless stell housing is the most robust and unbreakable product protection in the market today and is virtually maintenance free!

    How much money would you save per deep fryer every month for the next 3 years if you are using OiLChef in your deep-fryers?

    Savings range between 35% to 65% on oil.